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[VG SPOTLIGHT] Mr. Delvon Johnson, Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Author

6 Sep

[VG SPOTLIGHT] Mr. Delvon Johnson, Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Author

by Angela of VG on September 6th, 2012

This month’s VG Spotlight is the multi-talented Delvon Johnson. Not only is he an actor and celebrity stylist, but he also holds the title of critically acclaimed author. Mr. Johnson is most definitely on his Victorious Grind! Check out his bio, who he’s styling on VH1 and an excerpt from his latest novel below.

Delvon Johnson is the gifted, critically acclaimed author of the Love Yourself First book series, a stage and screen actor, and executive producer of an upcoming television series. Delvon also writes the monthly Drama Among the Stars column for GBM NEWS, an LGBT community newspaper. His books are brought to you by international publisher World Audiences, and are available at fine booksellers and online portals all over the globe. The first printing of Love Yourself First was praised by critics from Raw sistaz, GBM News, The FUTURE, and ordinary readers on Amazon.com.
Delvon has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs, including Lovin’ Leyna, for which he wrote, and acted in, original skits, GBM TV, Fashion TV, Da-Doo-Dirty Show and Bent Radio. His acting credits include the role of boy1683 in the off-Broadway play Cybersex, Drama Queenz, The Circle reality show, Cock Tales, and Patrik-Ian Polk’s The Skinny. Delvon is also producing J. Omarr Tutler’s new TV series, Justus. As a man of many talents, Delvon looks to the future with unbounded optimism and creativity. He makes his home in the New York City area.

“Be Careful What You Ask For”

Here is a peek of the excitement you will find in his new novel, Be Careful What You Ask For!!!!!


Direct Kindle eBook Download: http://tinyurl.com/DelvonJohnsonauthor

Also, look out for Delvon on VH1 as he will soon be seen on Season 3 of Mob Wives styling on air personality, Karen Gravano!

For more information on Delvon, please visit www.delvonjohnson.com.

Read Delvon’s news articles and columns: www.gbmnews.com

Find Delvon on Facebook: Delvon Johnson

Also, connect with him on Twitter: @Fabulousbook